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Oh Lowdy Another Skank For The Masses



Name: Gaby AKA Strawberry

Age: 17 and soon to be 18

Sex: Female

Location: Miami FL

Describe your style: Hippy with a little 80s in my look and kick back

Sexual Prefrence:Girls just wanna have fun

Favorite band(s): Nirvana Hole Smashing pumpkins M.M Janis Joplin The Doors The rolling stones Led Zeppelin  The Drive and yea so on

List 3 words that describe yourself: Down to earth Strawberry dreamer

Hobbies/interests: Playing guitar lyrics poetry music party sleeping 60s 70s 80s 90s&nbsp; 40s lol having fun

Piercings/Tattoos: well i have 3 piercings on each ear and i had one on my eyebrow i took that one off to get my strawberry on my neck

Who invited you: No one

Post a few pictures of yourself:ok

Promote at least twice:

Say something nice about the mods: Surrah is a fucking cool chick who will be going to my school this year :)

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